Middle age hall

Vase with fresco from Merv. 5th cent.

Enamel tea-pot. Merv.10th-11th cent.

Midlle age hall describes a Sasanids epoch, with which a new development of ancient Central Asia oases. It can be proved by observation of mysteriously destined but masterly performed articles. Especial attention is drawn by several depictions of Buddha from Merv and magnificent vase with multicoloured painting.

The best part of exhibits of this hall is dated from the period of developed stage of Medieval Epoch, that came to Turkmenistan after Arabic Conquest in the 7 century. With the new religion - Islam, brought by Arabs, a great flourishment of decorative ornament, that completely took the place of depictions of human beings and animals, which were so widespread formerly. The museum has collected exhibits of ceramic crockery with enamel and relief stamp, utensils and weapons with engraving on metal, architectural partwith carved gipsous and wood. Most of them carved with outstanding geometrical compositions, very often with Arabic epigraphic citations from Coran.

That is the basic stock of exhibits of medieval epoch, which reached here the highest point of flourishment in the period of Seljuk Empire (11-12 centuries) continued actually up to 16-17  centuries.     

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Fragment of column from the mosque in Dandanakan, South Turkmenistan . 11th-12th cent.

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