Foyer and independance hall

On the ground floor, on both sides of the central entrance two 60-70 seats conference halls are situated, and in the centre - on a tall round pedestal - sculptural depiction of the state coat of arms of Turkmenistan is set. In the same hall The State Flag as well as documents, describiing main attributes of independence of the country. Especial place is occupied by the text of the special resolution of UN, date from 12th of December, 1995, witnessing unique international status of permanent neutrality of Turkmenistan, announced by the head of the state from  UN tribune depicted on the Photo.

On the left of the central ground of the building Independence Hall, on the stand of which brand  directions of the state development as well as the range of precious gifts presented to Saparmurat Turkmenbashy and transferred to the  museum are displayed.

The further review of museum is recommended to be continued on the first floor, entirely allocated for archaeology and ethnography. In the first three hall the exposition is constructed in accordance with chronological principle. 

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