The building of the museum

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In accordance with the plan of the head of the state the building of the museum is located on elevated plot in Berzengi in the new business development of Ashgabat, in its southern part, close enough to picturesque foothills of Kopet Dagh. Construction occupying the territory of 30 000 m 2 was erected by Turkish company UCHGEN considerably short terms: only 1,5 years past from symbolic laying of the first stone up to completion of the construction. The concept of the project belongs to the President Saparmurat Turkmenbashy, and its technical realization was carried out by architect Jan Onai.

Four-storeyed building is crowned with a big central dome of sky-blue, consisting of 16 semi-spheric sides they symbolize number of Turkic states, founded by the forbears of Turkmens in course of many centuries. 16 steps lead to the main entrance. The basis of the dome is supported by 5 columns the number of administrative regions in the country. Their height (19 meters) is emphasized by vertical atrium. On the roof, five blue domes of smaller size around the big on are locates in the center of the square in front of the entrance to the museum.

The building is adjoined by four summer amphitheatre for 150 seats in each, dedicated for chamber theatre performances. On the level of the ground flour the museum is encircle by open colonnade, and the front about one km long, square extended between the New Firuza highway and the building itself, is confined from two sides with roofed galleries.

To line the interiors the architects used Finnish granite and bronze, the rock of unia solid and beautiful material imported from Turkey, had been used to line facades outer galleries. Equipment of the building meets world standards. Complicated engineering complex includes autonomic power supply and water supply in emergency situations, electronic system of temperature and humidity control, reliable security system. In other words, everything this required for safe storage of priceless relics of Turkmen people.

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