Mountaineering Routes in the North Tien-Shan(The map 1)

Most of the mountaineering routes listed below are relatively simple and do not require professional training.

I. Malaya Almatinka river valley

1. Mount Amangeldy (4,000 m) Category 1B

2. Mount Pioneer (3,900 m) Category 1A

3. Mount Komsomol (4,376 m) Category 2A

4. Mount Molodiozhny (4,150 m) Category 1B

II. Prokhodnoye gorge

1. Mount Bolshoi Almatinski (3,700 m) Category 1A

2. Mount Tourists (3,900 m) Category 1A

III. Bolshaya Almatinka river valley

1. Mount Sovietov (4,300 m) Category 1B

IV. Sredni Talgar river valley

1. Mount Talgar (5,017 m) Category 3A

2. Traverse of the mountain chain of the mount Talgar (includes three mountains, the top point of the traverse is 5017 m ) Category 5A

V. Levyi Talgar river valley

1. Mt. Physicists (3,760 m) Category 1B